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"1025" power middle the contradiction between supply and demand is more outstanding

Zhejiang university professor of electrical engineering WenFu tied to accept an interview with xinhua news agency put forward, to "1025" later period, China's eastern, central and southern areas of the electric power, the contradiction between supply and demand will is more outstanding, must solve the problem early planning long-distance transmission.

WenFu tied to think, in recent years, China's lack of electricity situation to appear, and in 2010 and 2011 gradually expanding the scope, present a time in advance, the trend of the deepening degree,booster cable in 2011 the power supply and demand the biggest gap 30 million kw, show that the traditional power balance in situ mainly ways of development have lag to social and economic development needs.

In zhejiang, for example, be an energy, land, environment and other resources constraint, already can't depend on the local power supply construction to meet electricity demand. In 2011, zhejiang unit adjustment supreme power load 50.63 million kw, the largest power more than 5 million kw gap, the biggest outsourcing power 15.3 million kilowatts, and achieve the transmission channel has the ability of the transfer limit. Expect 2012 zhejiang unit adjustment maximum load of up to 57.5 million kw, power cordthe province's largest power gap will reach to 10 million kw, power gap 15 billion kilowatt hour, power supply and demand will appear on power double short of the situation.

WenFu tied said, according to the China electric power enterprise association, which published the 2012 national electric power supply and demand situation analysis, forecast, "2012 national electric power supply and demand and the tense situation will cover north China, east China, central, southern and other major developed regions. The eastern, central and southern areas of the tensions in the electric power will undoubtedly exacerbate electricity coal transport contradiction, in China last year through the railway across sinotrans jiangsu scale to 2.27 billion tons of coal, coal accounts for 64.9% of production, taking up more than half of railway transport capacity resource and a long-term nervous rail capacity, the main reason and promote electric coal prices.

WenFu tied said, before some year between, the eastern China to meet the increasing demand and construction of the load power, is causing the eastern region unit of sulfur dioxide level land area in the western region of the main reason for the four times. Want to know, the eastern environmental carrying capacity is already close to the limit, trouble lightfrom the provinces long-distance transmission to the east coast is unable to avoid problems.

WenFu tied said, many real pressure suggested that in future, power grid must be able to adapt to the large-scale transmission and a large number of new energy to sing-jhuang power grid. At present our country grid structure problems including, the existing regional network transmission and support capability is not strong, the west and north to the electric power transmission to load the dense in south, east, regional; Regional power grid and between each other aid and inter-basin compensation ability is not enough; The more developed eastern region has 500 kv power grids are dense, lines corridor is in short supply, short circuit current condition is very outstanding.

In the background, the perfect our country's regional backbone power grid, the scientific development large capacity and high efficiency and long distance transmission technology advanced, and relying on the information, control and energy storage and other advanced means of smart grid construction, enhance the ability of optimized configuration of grid power and power supply reliability, in order to promote large coal power, big water and electricity, big nuclear power, large renewable energy to the base of the intensive development, and a large "power transmission from west to east send" "nortel south send" energy configuration pattern, has become the urgent problems to be solved.

WenFu tied said, China has become the world's first energy consumers, even if to achieve sustained every five years the 20% decline in GDP unit consumption goals, in 2020 in China's energy consumption will also after accounting for more than 30% of the world total consumption. Therefore, to guarantee the sustainable energy security and power supply caused by the height of the whole society should be concerned, speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development and grid development way, energy production, transmission and transformation of way, to pursue the sustainable energy development, scientific way of development, it is urgent. (reporter HuZuoHua)

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