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HeDianCi pulse bombs weapon-" the second atomic bomb"

Electromagnetic pulse weapons claiming "the second atomic bomb", the world military power electromagnetic pulse weapons in the practical start of electronic information system and command and control system and network of great threat. Conventional type of electromagnetic pulse bombs have blew up, and HeDianCi pulse bombs-" the second atomic bomb "is to human approximation.

The United States "popular mechanical magazine said, the next world tragedy, can't see the vent, just a loud noise and a flash of lightning, then can make the computer all data by sear, except the diesel engine, all electrification wouldn't start, the world will back 200 years...... This is not sensational, the pentagon believes that, a new generation of electronic bomb exploded, the world will become like this shape.

No vent human catastrophe

Electromagnetic pulse, is short of transient electromagnetic phenomena, which, booster cablein the form of space radiation spread through the electromagnetic wave, may to the electronic, information, electric power, photoelectricity, microwave and other facilities cause damage, can make the electronic equipment semiconductor insulating layer or integrated circuit burned down, and even equipment failure or permanent damage.

Seen bomb people rarely, but almost everyone seen "the second atomic bomb" explosion. The explosion is nature's lightning and electrostatic phenomenon. Lightning, static form of electromagnetic radiation and the sun, interstellar of electromagnetic radiation and the earth's magnetic field and the electromagnetic field in the atmosphere, the resulting explosion just have the size difference, its principle is the same. In addition, "the second atomic bomb" power cordexplosion and human phenomenon, is electromagnetic radiation sources for the electromagnetic radiation.

With the development of science and technology, the whole society popularization of electrical equipment, such as television, radio transmitting launch pad, radio stations, aviation navigation system, radar systems, mobile communication system, high voltage power delivery system, large current industrial frequency equipment and light rail lines, electrified railway system, etc. In short, all electromagnetic energy application of work in industry, science, and medical treatment, military of electromagnetic radiation equipment, and an electric spark ignites for the internal combustion engine power machine, trouble lightvehicle, ship, home appliances, office equipment, electric tools, etc, can produce different frequencies, different strength of the electromagnetic radiation. Among them, the most is electromagnetic pulse radiation.

Modern battlefield of the electromagnetic environment is all sorts of electromagnetic energy of the joint action of composite environment, have natural electromagnetic interference sources, such as lightning, static, etc, and have a strong human interference sources, such as various power of radar, radio communication, navigation, computer and electronic warfare against the equipment, new concepts such as electromagnetic weapons. Therefore, the battlefield electromagnetic environment is much more complex than usual, condition of high technology electromagnetic environment effect mainly by the battlefield of all kinds of electromagnetic pulse field to form.

So, no vent human catastrophe-electromagnetic pulse disasters, have natural and man-made two kinds big. During times of peace, all kinds of natural and artificial electromagnetic pulse harm sometimes occur. Every year because of global lightning electromagnetic impulse led to information system such as frequent accident paralyzed, from satellite communications, navigation, computer network and household appliances are serious threat of lightning disasters. Only in 1999 because of a loss caused by lightning is more than 200 million. HeDianCi pulse was a nuclear blast strong electromagnetic radiation, HeDianCi pulse is enormous destructive power. Some countries in the nuclear test, HeDianCi pulse energy into the electron, the electric power system, and the cable, electronic equipment burn out cases of creditors. High altitude nuclear explosion electromagnetic pulse harm, than the ground and underground nuclear explosion bigger, HeDianCi pulse strength, wide coverage area.

Since atmospheric attenuation function, high heat generated by the blast, shock wave, radiation effect, to the ground facilities are less than a range of harm electromagnetic pulse effect is big, 1 million tons of equivalent of nuclear weapons at altitude exploded, about three over ten thousand of the total energy in the form of electromagnetic pulse radiation out. Along with the development of nuclear technology, developed countries have developed the HeDianCi pulse, and enhance the electromagnetic pulse effect, and weaken the shock wave, radiological effect, the destructive force of the electromagnetic pulse increased.


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