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2012 years electrical engineer examination counselling: electric power safety knowledge

What are the features of the relay protection?
Answer: (1) the relay protection devices on power system security's influence.
(2) the relay protection device of the control object is a close link between the large and complex system, the system of the monitoring and by the multitudinous secondary system to realize.
(3) the relay protection than with electricity class discipline has the close relation.
(4) the relay protection is equivalent to an online, the open loop automatic control equipment. Generally includes measurement, logic and the three parts.

The cable faults processing method is???????
Answer: (1) cable over load temperature rises more than the allowable value when, should transfer the load. Cable fire, immediately suspended cable fault, put out the fire.

(2) cable already breakdown can't run,booster cable if there is more than two cable fault cable should be demolished, normal cable continue to run, at this time, should control the load. Cable after repair to access, pay attention to the correct sequence. Cable faults after tripping, did not find out reason, may not be put into operation without treatment.

16, construction with an electric machinery equipment,power cord the protection measures should be adopted for?
A: must use protect by zero, also should repeat grounded.

17, the electrical safety measures have which two parts?
Answer: the organizational measures and technical measures.

18, from the main methods of low voltage power supply have?
Answer: (1) cut off power supply; (2) cut off the power cord; (3) pick to pull the power cord;

(4) opened the electric shock; (5) to take corresponding measures to rescue.

Take these measures must be used when pay attention to meet the corresponding insulation tools of voltage level.

19 and when the transfer into isolating switch order??? What???
A: the first bus after the close, close the circuit.

20, power distribution box knife switch of can bring load open.
A: no.

21, in an explosion and fire dangerous area are using handheld and mobile power tools, must adopt what kind of electric tools?
A: have an explosion protection measures.

22, and in damp in the workplace or metal container use portable electric appliance or lights should be used when many v safe voltage?
A: the 12 V.

23, motor ma chine, can move together according to stop button right away? Why?
A: no. Starting current is rated current of six to seven times, immediately stop chance to switch to burn out.

24, our motor are mostly explosion-proof motors, explosive-proof grade is commonly???????

25, our factory of explosion-proof electric motor and motor is waterproof?
A: not

26, when the process load without reaching the rated load, motor is never to load, right? Why? Answer: no.
Medium change, pump failure, motor can lead to a fault are the load.

27, why not do fire ticket, temporary electricity tickets were not allowed to take temporary electricity?
A: temporary power belongs to the power of the produced sparks, easy cause get an electric shock accidents, easy cause fire explosion accident, must deal with fire ticket, temporary electricity tickets, the construction site take safety measures, and can meet the temporary electricity.

28, indoor lighting circuit of electric equipment,trouble light each time the total capacity of the road should not be more than how many kW (1) 1; (2) 2; (3) 3.
Answer: (2)

29 and outlet should be and electrical load capacity to adapt, every outlet only allow a cinch several equipment?
Answer: 1

30, working place relative humidity is more than 75%, then the work environment to get an electric shock environment belong to: (1) dangerous; (2) special danger; (3) general
Answer: (1)

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