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Traction electrical equipment industry development status and trends

Traction electrical equipment industry is our country since the mid s beginning. In international electrical standard IEC50 international electrician vocabulary chapter 81 of (1991-09 version) called "electric traction", including dc traction, single phase ac traction, thermoelectric traction, battery electric traction, energy storage traction and so on, besides vehicles outside, still include the motor vehicle and form a complete set, electric appliances,booster cable electric control and other supporting products and auxiliary system.

A basic situation, industry
Our country from the planned economy to the market economy system process, because history wait for a reason, at present China electrical equipment industry association traction electrical equipment branch main members still is mining electric locomotive manufacturing enterprises with a small amount of battery industrial vehicle manufacture enterprise. Its main electric traction vehicle manufacturing system; Urban rail traffic electric traction by the state development planning commission host vehicle guidance. Therefore, traction electrical equipment industry's main products is mining electric locomotive and supporting the motor, electric control products. Combined with the actual situation is industry, mainly for the production of mining electric locomotive operation, the market demand and development of this.

The traction electrical equipment manufacturing industry has about 50 years of production history, during which we have successively developed and batch production lines of the type electric locomotive and battery locomotive two old series, more than 50 varieties, the products spread all over the country in coal mine, put to gold, nonferrous mine, power cordrailway and highway tunnel and municipal engineering construction site. Current traction electrical equipment industry mining electric locomotive enterprise about 30 home, production capacity for narrow rail mining electric locomotive 3000 cars per year, and more than 150 tons of prospective rail mining electric locomotive 30 cars/year. According to 2002 statistics show that annual capacity of 671 cars mining electric locomotive, the excess supply phenomenon has maintain nearly 10 years.trouble light Over the years, the domestic market competition is intense, traction electrical equipment industry enterprise appear serious lack orders, production capacity of the vent, some enterprise appear atrophy, forced to over, some enterprises of laid-off workers, enterprise economic benefits are poor.

Second, market conditions
Xiangtan motor Co., LTD, coal mine machinery factory, changzhou liupanshui mining group the Yangtze river passenger cars Co., electric JiCheChang, mining, ping-yao shandong jining mining electric locomotive five former enterprise Co., LTD. Is a national fixed-point production factory, are still the industry the backbone of enterprise, all have mechanical processing equipment and production capacity, the market has absolute superiority. Shares of xiangtan motor Co., LTD. Is a large enterprise of more than ten thousand people, technical force is rich, in addition to production narrow rail mining electric locomotive outside, still producing large-scale must rail mining electric locomotive, urban traffic with electric vehicles, large and medium-sized ac motor and other products, equipment manufacturing capability for production mining electric locomotive is abundant, the enterprise with the electric motor, electric control manufacturing capacity, form a complete set, have very strong production ability and potential, 1985 industrial and mining electric locomotive production had reached 1200 units.

For many years, drawing electrical equipment section of the enterprise, the product technology development less input, most of the product basically is still in 70 ~ 80 s level. In recent years, there was many private enterprise, it is understood that new private enterprise technical force is short of, in the production of manual mill state, the old equipment, product quality is not high, but with low cost and flexible sale means, in the market because of certain share, and gradually grew, in market competition is also an important power.

In general, traction electrical equipment industry enterprise manufacturing ability not weak, have a lot of potential, but level is differ, the good and bad are intermingled, industrial and mining electric locomotive whole manufacturing level is not high.

Mining electric locomotive of the domestic market main user is coal mine and metal mine enterprise, which accounts for more than 95%, followed by the water conservancy project, tunnel engineering industry accounted for 5%. In recent years the industry to understand it, the annual industrial and mining electric locomotive about 1500 sets of around to dosage, and production capacity of 3000 sets vary too far, enterprise production task seriously insufficient.

Along with the country the mine excavation of management, reorganization, state and local mining operations of the better, so demand for industrial and mining electric locomotive has certain picks up, but large and medium-sized coal mine underground transportation has to tape transport mode, the mining electric locomotive demand has very big effect. From various aspects to realize, recent each big coal industry users don't have imported industrial and mining electric locomotive project, therefore, the current domestic market demand will not have big fluctuations. 150 tons must rail mining electric locomotive only used in large scale open-pit mine transportation every year, and only 2 ~ 3 cars added demand, if no new investment to build large open-air mining project, demand will not have increased.

Foreign production narrow rail mining electric locomotive manufacturers have Britain, Germany, Sweden, Japan and other countries of the nearly more than 10 companies, they product besides domestic use outside, but also exported abroad, product sales the world's major mining enterprise, such as Britain Clayton company production of rubber wheel battery locomotive, export to Japan and Canada. At present many third world countries, oneself do not have production capacity, and to dig of industry development, the lumbering is of certain need equipment, we should collect countries demand information, and strive to in the international market because of certain share.

According to information, our country mining electric locomotive in recent years have a small amount of exports, but not more than 20 years the number of export machine, mainly for Africa, southeast Asia, users of central Asia and other regions.

At the same time, industrial and mining electric locomotive import quantity and less likely, it is understood that the 1980 s xishan mining bureau has imported shanxi English 10 tons of lines of type reconnection locomotive, the other the coal mine, metallurgy mine are not imported. The 1990 s mor SuiDaoJu import English 18 tons of battery type electric locomotive 20 more Taiwan, later this years also have no information to import.

At present, there is no traction electrical equipment industry within a joint venture enterprise, also not the enterprise introduces the related technologies. The current and relevant foreign companies are just starting to negotiate cooperation project, recent xiangtan motor Co., LTD and has Japan Oriental negotiate with urban rail vehicles, motor motor, electric control cooperative production projects; And the American state of Connecticut, parker (CTC) company to negotiate the hybrid electric vehicle production cooperation project; And Germany Siemens company to negotiate cooperation projects of urban rail traffic matters.


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