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International flexible packaging industry development trend and the outlook

With the extension and expansion use aluminum, aluminum processing products has a broad market prospect. Plus the domestic existing ripe technology, the production of aluminum and aluminum products deep processing investment risk more small. Aluminum strip is light industry, transportation, telecommunications, and the important material printing etc, are widely used in construction and installation, traffic tools, the film and television equipment, textile machinery, electrical equipment, etc, about 10% growth in consumption. At present our country with a capacity to 0 for about 1.3 million tons and consumption of 1.5 million tons, annual net imports 250000 tons above, project wide prospect of market.

Each country of the domain of the great efforts to control technology,booster cable is very high also, use the field is very extensive, the future demand is not limited. The current world aluminium giant in order to meet the market demand, and actively seek industry transition, increase investment, improve the efficiency of enterprises.

Aluminium processing products market is very broad, mutual connection wide field, the future market demand is very big. For example: automotive, packaging, electronic, building materials and other fields of aluminum products processing of the increasing demand, aluminum car to weight loss have a role to play, the future of the car body 95% with the processing of the aluminum products, auto field to aluminum demand more.

The aluminum and magnesium car parts reduce weight, more and more advanced performance of aluminium European auto market value, the European market growth reached 10% in aluminum, aluminum to the nature of these industries popular. Building field of aluminum processing product demand more big, primary have aluminum alloy doors and Windows, the appearance of the building decoration, interior decoration, etc.

Packing areas of international development trend is green,power cord reduce the pollution of the environment, the appearance of luxuriant compound products, aluminum composite flexible packaging is the international flexible packaging industry developing trend, aluminum-plastic composite flexible packaging is also the development prospect.

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