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ADI intelligent power grid caught market opportunity

The state grid has announced that will be completed in 2020 nationwide intelligent power grid, and has spent 4 trillion yuan ($) for the foundation design construction. The grand the implementation of the plan will involve new energy and new energy grid access, large capacity energy storage, ultra high voltage and digitized substation, intelligent measuring extensive related fields, for the global power equipment enterprise opened an unprecedented huge market, but also to the semiconductor manufacturers and equipment manufacturers put forward higher technical challenges.

Smart grid construction in the key challenges faced by many, "we can see more of the high precision demand including adc and precision of operational amplifiers, support network function and controller, booster cablethe processor long life, the wide temperature range, high reliability, etc. Isolation device" At recent "2012 industry development trend media conference on, ADI technology business manager ZhangSongGang (Singer) said.

ADI company involved in energy related semiconductor solutions for more than ten years of history, and in 2009 has set up the power grid and other energy sources in intelligent application of the new agency, from energy measurement chips to comprehensive energy and power system each link control system scheme has rich products, in power transmission and distribution, relay protection, measurement and control system, electric energy measurement and energy control keep leading technology advantage, and holds a high market share. Faced with intelligent power grid gradually with the great global popularity opportunity, ADI and how to observation? Can provide what leading technology support?

Power link, new energy future remains upbeat

NPDSolarbuzz China project report recently pointed out that many photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise has set the grand plan to 2012 years in the domestic independent or cooperative development hundreds of megawatts of project. And a lot of people in the industry recently pointed out that, through the second half of last year the shuffle and down, power cordthe current photovoltaic market cost significantly lower, and the cost of power station built now significantly decreases, and market began to present a hot situation. In the wind, according to the new energy industry development planning ", the only sea wind power planning, "1025" period for China's capacity is 5 million kilowatts, 2020 capacity will reach 30 million kw.

Though with wind power, solar photovoltaic, as a representative of the new energy in the fast growth momentum in 2011, after years of market once faced a roller coaster boom reversal, but undeniable, new energy still has good prospects for development. "In the power generation the piece, new energy will be as the main trend in the future. We will also spend more time to concentrate on the new energy fields." Singer says, "and at present Chinese enterprises in the new energy equipment manufacturing occupy global market leading position, ADI looking forward to help China enterprise in the technology further improving the competition ability."

New energy mainly involves technology including the power of the wind power generators design and assembly technology, generator control technology, high power converter technology, and photovoltaic systems, and photovoltaic MPPT control inverter technology and grid technology, etc. "In these aspects, ADI have related technical support, especially ADI high precision converter and operational amplifier guaranteed the new energy the voltage current accurate measurements." Singer points out that, "for example, the bus to inverter detecting current and electrical isolation, ADI AD7400, AD7401 because of the integration of the Sigma-Delta modulator and patented technology of ADI iCoupler isolation device can be greatly reduced system complexity, improve the integrity and stability. At the same time, for some use of hall of the isolation system device do, ADI also provide precision ADC as bus current detection of converter. In addition, for some need to do motor speed/corner detection application, because the system requirement high stability, AD2S1210 such RDC can provide a simple for the system, and stable is more than/spin signal processing conversion channel."

Electric power transmission and distribution, new technology and standards come great market

"Because of the new energy resources, the driving force of the controlled power output volatility and intermittent power is, when the grid size to a certain extent is will change the trend of the power distribution, the trend of the traditional power grid control will produces major change, it will directly affect the stability of the power grid.

"The Singer said. The new energy resources of uncertainty, brought about by the power fluctuations makes power quality drop, solar power will have island effect, the use of the traditional network protection and control equipment can meet the requirements, need more new electrical protection and control equipment.

"New energy scale of these problems occurred after of intelligent power grid puts forward realistic demand, there is a need to different areas from the traditional sense of the transformer substation of digital formats and intelligent, so as to ensure the whole grid balance." Singer said. This change will require a lot of infrastructure to upgrade update, no doubt, will bring out great power base equipment market opportunity. "In the transformer substation automation as an example, the national power grid planning the next five years will achieve a transformer substation automation, that a is a very big market." Singer said.

At present, however, IEC61850 of substation automation standard based on the realization of the cost is still high, to the huge power grid system reform of great pressure. "ADI hope can help reduce the cost, promote the propulsion of intelligent China power grid." Singer says, "is currently in the core processor this, on the market to support IEC61850 solution is very limited, ADI recent will introduce a support the standard very 'to force the core processor." "trouble light Singer smile revealed the key products plan ADI.

The transformation of the intelligent power grid brings will not only be the transformer substation upgrade technology and all of the power secondary equipment all need to meet has stronger ability, control ability, interface protection ability, measuring ability, communication ability and the data processing ability. In addition, some secondary side equipment function as some of the testing function will shift to a side, this will also related to product design challenge, especially for chips will challenge, because a equipment most in outdoor, the temperature range, anti-jamming and special environment for increased. "For the WenPiao IC, anti-jamming, isolation, such as performance than traditional solutions proposed significantly higher requirements. For example, to isolate the light isolation will face high temperature, high fever and long life requirement of the challenge." Singer points out, "and these areas is good at ADI, such as patent iCoupler digital gap technology can very well to overcome traditional light coupling isolation of the high demand for environment weakness."


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