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Raw material prices continue to dash high electric enterprise profit of is not optimistic

In 2011, prices have rushed high, and in 75000 yuan a ton of DieDang between peaks rise and fall. Use a substitute for aluminum to replace copper phenomenon in electrical industry arise, and form a kind of trend nots allow to ignore. In the transformer industry of transformer appeared in aluminium wire, wire and cable industry in appear in the copper or aluminum bag copper-coated aluminum wire and cable, that is a good example. Analysis of the personage inside course: when the copper price is higher than 75000 yuan a ton on the level of operation, copper demand for alternative will rising; And when prices fall to $65000 per ton, copper demand for alternative would be reduced. But, many experts also point out that the copper is a non-renewable resources,booster cable it will become more and more little.

Since 2012, low voltage electric appliance main raw materials iron, non-ferrous metal, engineering plastic, etc all price soaring, and the big price war, many companies have a loss, but for the guard market share and supported earnestly. How to solve the technical innovation to the resources and high cost of high dependence on, power cordwill be the country's electric enterprise new topic.

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