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Wuhan City Circle to achieve "One Card" to benefit the general population

    Yesterday, the provincial government held a press conference said, Wuhan City has issued the "Chu-pass card" applications, including Wuhan Metro Line 1 and 32 commercial stores, the future will also cover buses, taxis, ferries, water, electrical, shopping malls,booster cable telephone, digital television,power cord and the people living in areas closely related.

    It is reported that, "Chu Card" will be gradually expanded to restaurants, hotels, road and bridge toll, parking, exercise gym and staff cards, community cards, campus cards and other payments and, ultimately health, culture, education, tourism, trouble light urban management, traffic control, etc. areas into which to expand the scope of Xiaogan, Huangshi, Xianning other cities in Wuhan City Circle to achieve "card."

    Moreover, according to two types of social construction requirements, the city bus will be updated this year, 1000, all use the engine to achieve environmental and efficiency standards, the current and on-line to complete the update operation 120 vehicles. In addition, this year also plans to add 350 hybrid bus line operations.

    5 enterprises in the city early adopters "of environmental pollution liability insurance."

    Wu petrochemical, electrical dragons, Wuchang and coking plants, were fortunate electronics, inorganic chemical plants and other 5 companies Wuhan Branch of PICC and signed the "environmental pollution liability insurance" contracts, a city to implement the corporate environmental pollution liability insurance system of the first adopters.

    As the "two types" an important part of the reform experiment, the city vigorously innovative institutional mechanisms for environmental protection, and explore with the market mechanism to control pollution. Implementation of corporate environmental pollution liability insurance system, designed to make use of insurance instruments in dealing with environmental pollution accident, the formation of shared environmental responsibility, victim relief compensation mechanism.

    Environmental pollution liability insurance liability insurance is: Insurance in the specified address of sudden accidents caused emissions of toxic and hazardous substances, leakage, overflow, leakage, resulting in coverage in the region directly to third party personal injury or property damage; insured occurrence of the insured person for expenses reasonably clean-up costs; the insurance after the accident, the insured because the insured is brought for arbitration or litigation, shall be borne by the insurer to pay for legal costs.

    Construction of 156 this year, "two types" project.

    Continued construction of a total of 95 projects this year, 61 new projects into the Wuhan city circle "two types" of social construction of major projects planned, a total investment of 528.7 billion yuan project, plans to invest 98.2 billion this year. Among them, the Big East Lake Ecological Water Network Construction Engineering, Wuhan Port, airport economic zone, inter-city rail and metropolitan area of Wuhan subway construction project as a number of key priorities. Further refine the sound has introduced tax, financial, personnel support policy.

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