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European development of new export policy for electric tools

   Enterprises should actively take power tools echo approach the entrance of electric tools for a major challenge facing Europe. Professional tools should be increased imports,booster cable brand forward, forward the technical content of the product. Another six kinds of research and development enterprises should be banned as soon as possible manipulation of alternative hazardous materials to protect the citizens of the weakness of insurance products while promoting the import of electric tools.
   2002 production of electric object 150 million units,power cord China is the world's production and export of electric power tools. The number of imported more than 85% of the total number of European imports of electric tools is one of the important annual import of electric tools in Europe accounted for about 50% of the import of the year you are familiar with various countries and regions in Europe the technical statutes,trouble light standards and designated conformity assessment rules, acts of the enterprise portal is helpful.
    Not only familiar with EU Council No. 73/23/EEC published "Low Voltage Directive" 89/336/EEC No. "Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive" should also be aware February 13, 2003 Europe, "Official Gazette" issued in 2002 February 13 in Europe, "Official Gazette" No. 2002/95/EC issued "for the manipulation of electrical and electronic equipment is prohibited in certain hazardous substances directive" 2002/96/EC number "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive" followed by two instructions, of course to July 1, 2006 and August 13, 2004 after the entry into force of the object to power in Europe. But the construction power tools enterprises should take early responses, if these two commands do not pay attention do not be ready on time, the two commands, when implemented, is bound to affect imports.
    Since the beginning of power tools industry very early study, tracking at home and scale, 1 January 1996 the European "EMC Directive" in force. Established in 1984 to respond to the national scale GB4343-specific and similar use of electric, electric appliances, electric tools and similar electrical characteristics of measurement of radio troubling pattern and allow the value of style) and carried out in all the standard Publicizing. Is, when the European "EMC Directive" came into force, power tools than any other industry, the entrance was attacked by a small entrance. However, due to difficult EMC Technology, the other part of the import business when power tools are not paid much attention to the electromagnetic compatibility, and some power tools do not bother to take measures against wireless, and even some products can not enter the European market, the impact of the products imported to Europe, so that the entrance of electric tools in 1996 and negative growth.
    Two commands do not cause enough to face, from the European "EMC Directive" entry into force of the impact of China's imports of power tools can perhaps be seen if the companies do not keep abreast of two European directives. Until the time of entry into force is bound to affect the export command.
    Shield of human weakness and reasonable care to control artificial capital. Instruction began advocating artificial reduction of capital cost and prevention of pollution of waste, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive "The purpose of the formulation to maintain, shield, and advance environmental quality. Appropriate to discard materials for the prevention, recovery and disposal of punishment guidelines for the insurance, the directive requires electrical and electronic equipment will be scrapped as target areas needed to be one of scale. Discard material disposal in order to add the shield of artificial capital punishment and the need to promote the rehabilitation of discard material, in particular through reuse, recycling, differentiation, and access to energy from the discard material in the style pattern, and recognize any extraordinary circumstances in another way must be appropriate to determine impact on the environment and the economy. EC Council also asked the Commission to develop key discard as soon as possible logistics plans, including waste electrical and electronic equipment, the proper follow-up approach. The directive also calls for the establishment of municipal waste is different from the separate collection of waste electrical equipment systems. Delineation of the producers all play together WEEE tasks and costs. Directive historical garbage fees from the current market share are prorated and requested Member States to ensure the December 31, 2006, each private home, the average annual collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment up to 4 kg. Recovery and recycling rates will directly affect the benefits of manufacturers, and environmental transmission levels. Stringent requirements of the EC, which provides 80% recovery and recycling of you; and recovery related products in Japan is 50% to 60% of China is currently developing the statutes do not vary, the recovery of 40% proposed
    European Member States must comply with EU legislation, on the manipulation of electrical and electronic equipment is prohibited in certain hazardous substances directive "requires Member States to ensure that from July 1, 2006 put on the market from new electrical and electronic equipment, lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated ethers and polybrominated two stupid stupid together a total of 6 kinds of harmful substances. Before the commencement of the directive. Native country to take another way limiting, or prohibiting the materials used in electrical and electronic equipment.
Includes household appliances, electric objects, communications, and other ten categories of electrical and electronic products. Two directives cover a product is common.
   The low level of technology echoes. China's production capacity in this area much faster than the market needs for the promotion rate, as the basis of power tools are labor-dense products. The weather is the oversupply will be followed by long-standing price of electric tools in the lower grades, and lower prices made between companies to sell, the more significant disorder alone, so power tools price low, less capital, again the old electrical and electronic equipment to establish a recycling system, will undoubtedly increase the capital management products, so "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive" on a cost recovery requirements and recovery of the power tool companies in China a lot of pressure, due to high labor costs in Europe, the recovery of capital improvement, the recovery of their money be passed on to contain the growth in China and other countries, import companies of electric tools, electric tools products to China alone to drop. In addition there are some power tools in China is still using 6 kinds of banned hazardous substances. Power tools such as plastic chassis often used as a coloring of cadmium zinc cadmium yellow, printed circuit boards containing a small amount of lead, a number of banned hazardous substances tentatively harder to find alternative substances or expensive. If the business does not attach importance to the two commands, not in time seek countermeasures, is bound to affect products imported to Europe.

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