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Nearly 70% of Japanese people oppose the reduction required to restart nuclear power plants 47%

   The afternoon of April 26, Fukushima Prefecture Minamisoma machi, where the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima radius of 20 km cordon near a bicycle through the nearby residents, stature alone. In accordance with the provisions of the Government of Japan, 20 km cordon within the idlers banned.
  April 17, 2011, booster cable according to Tokyo Electric Power Company to provide the photos show, called "Packbot" remote control robot has entered the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the robot will be taking pictures, measuring radiation levels and so on.

According to Japan, power cord "Nikkei News," 27 announced a new poll, nearly 70 percent of Japanese people oppose the restart of nuclear power plant maintenance outages.

Currently 54 commercial nuclear reactors in Japan, there are 35 closed, six in Fukushima. Outbreak in March, before the Fukushima nuclear power plant nuclear accident, nuclear power plant provides electricity throughout Japan about 30% last month,trouble light this proportion dropped to about 20%.

Poll, 47 percent of the Japanese people want to reduce the number of nuclear power stations, polling data than in May, up 5 percentage points.

 Northeastern waters on March 11 earthquake occurred 9, Fukushima nuclear power plant suffered heavy losses the first explosion and nuclear accident led to the Japanese people on nuclear power and global fears.

Fukushima City, members of civic groups held a parade on the 26th, a call for "Farewell to nuclear power plant! Goodbye to nuclear radiation!" Slogan. In the afternoon despite the rain, thousands of people concentrated around the county government hall square, shouting anti-nuclear slogans.

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