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« State-by UHV high degree of recognitionShenzhen electric vehicles banned from the roads because of public opinion opposed to ordering requirements »

"Five" power of information technology need to have two major trend

   2011, is the "five-second" first year. China's clear to UHV, to include smart grid, a national energy development strategy an important part. Therefore, the focus on "five" large-scale power intensive control of the central requirements of enterprises, to enhance the global competitiveness of the power conglomerate, booster cable to support national clean energy strategy and the smart grid requirements of information technology, building covering generation, transmission, distribution, electricity and other aspects of intelligence management platform for the various software companies to a higher demand.

    Smart grid second five major propositions

   power cord The power industry is related to national energy security strategy of the industry, this year, the state launched the construction of the smart grid, smart grid will effectively promote the development of China's power to change the way the corresponding series of emerging technologies will contribute to the development of new industries in China occupy the high ground . In fact, the smart grid construction is undoubtedly the "five" during the development of electric power enterprise group the biggest proposition. Smart grid construction needs of financial assets, supply chain and other core elements of intensive control of production,trouble light the need group unified planning and construction, unified operation, unified production, marketing group unified unified system. This set of three-five system, requiring horizontal cross-business integration, through the vertical cross-organizational, group integration requires intensive management and control system.

    Software Corporation in the beam seems to Yang Jian, general manager of marketing, as software vendors in understanding the characteristics of businesses on the power to combine the advanced management theory, and refined into the large power group enterprise management model, in order to help Power Group companies integrate various information resources, integration of co-operation group chain, a member of the group classification of enterprises to implement management and control, to achieve a degree of centralized, decentralized control effect an orderly group. In fact, intensive management of resources for the Group developed beam GRIS system representative. For example, in 2010, the successful completion of beam intensification of national network of financial projects, access to "SG186 Engineering Excellence co-operation with" honor. In Guodian GD193 construction, the project scope to further expand the Group's most subordinate regional branches, and fulfill the Guodian financial information of the third stage to promote the progress and Guodian build a fuel management system work.

    "Book" that "gentleman Dry all day, with the accompanying." Face "cloud computing" and "Internet of Things" surging, companies in technological innovation for different stages of development, the attitudes and needs of emerging technologies will show different results.

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